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Our name.... Because it truly is a wonderful life!

Posted by Georgia Todd on

Hey guys! We have had quite a few people ask us why we named the store ZuZu's Petals Vintage Home.  It's been fun hearing the excitement from those customers that know automatically when they come in, and the wonder of those that don't. 

So, my favorite movie has always been the 1946 "It's a Wonderful Life", starring Jimmy Stewart.  I've watched it probably every year since I was a little girl.  First of all, I'm a huge Jimmy Stewart fan! I especially loved his roles in Alfred Hitchcock's  "Rear Window" with the gorgeous Grace Kelly as well as the imaginary rabbit in "Harvey".  

For those of you who do not know the story line of the movie "It's a Wonderful Life", Jimmy Stewart, plays George Bailey, who has a beautiful wife (Donna Reed) and 4 precious kids.  George Bailey is a man who has given up his dreams in order to help others, and whose imminent suicide on Christmas eve,  was stopped by his guardian angel Clarence. Clarence shows George what life would look like in the community of Bedford Falls, if he had never been born. George had touched so many lives in his town that for those people, life would have been drastically different without his influence.

So, you ask what does this have to do with ZuZu's Petals? Well, thats what makes the story so special to me.  When George's world begins to fall apart around him, his little daughter ZuZu had fallen sick.  While in the bed, talking to her father, she shows him a flower she is holding.  As she does, some of the petals fall off and she cries "daddy, paste it!". George turns away and puts the loose petals in his pocket and presents the rose back to his daughter as pasted.  Later in the movie, as George experiences what life would have been like if he had never been born, he searches for ZuZu's petals in his pockets but doesn't find them.  He begins to see the positive effects his life had on his community and begs for his life back.  Once he realizes something is different, he reaches again in his pocket and this time pulls ZuZu's rose petals out of his pocket. Thrilled at the proof that he is alive, he throws his hand up in the air, yells aloud  "ZuZu's petals", then joyfully hurls his arms around the policeman Bert, standing in front of him. 

I just love this movie.  I love the kindness we see in George, the reality that life throws us curves and it can be really tough at times, the truth that we all take what we have for granted, and the hope that there is more to life than what we see. It is the goodness in people and the relationships that we have, that truly make the difference.  That is what makes it a "wonderful life".

You wonder what does this story have to do with furniture? Not a single thing!  I loved the movie so much that I named my cat ZuZu.  ZuZu lived 13 years and was as mean as a snake but, we loved her dearly.  It's been close to 4 years now since we lost our dear ZuZu. While we were deciding on the name, I wanted something original, something personal, and something that had meaning. I couldn't help it, ZuZu's Petals Vintage Home came into being July 2015. 

My hope and prayer is that we can in some way contribute to helping you have a wonderful life and beautiful home!

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