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Hoo-Hoo Hoooooo at ZuuuuuZuuuuuu's Petals Vintage Home! Meet Ollie the Owl!

Posted by Georgia Todd on

Hey guys! I thought today, I would share the wonderful story of ZuZu's Petals Vintage Home's very own Ollie the Owl.  So one day right after we opened in July of 2015, Jan found this pitiful looking plastic owl sitting next to an item that she had for sale in the store.  Thinking it belonged to someone else, she puts it down on another person's table.  This moving the owl to each other's furniture pieces goes on for a few weeks when one day Danielle says "where in the heck did this owl come from and who does he belong to?".  We were all just standing there with a blank look, trying to figure out how the owl could have gotten into the store.  Well, after that, one of us would see the owl sitting on our product in the store and move it to the other person's, strategically hiding it.  Picture it, I'm walking along moving products around, dusting, and pricing when I spot Ollie looking up at me from under my glass cloche.  I snatch him up and run over to Jan's side and look for a great hiding place for our dear Ollie.  So, the game began, and has been going on ever since!

We are now approaching a year, so we decided it was time to honor Ollie by explaining his story.  If anyone recognizes Ollie, please let us know.  We would love to know the details of how Ollie got here.  But, please don't take him away if you do recognize him, he is happy and safe in his new life here at ZuZu's Petals Vintage Home. Plus, we really love him!

If you can find Ollie on your next visit, you will get 10% off your purchase. But, look closely because he hides really well!

Check out this cool video Ollie made to introduce himself by clicking the video below.




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